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The Pagoda Cafe in Tiberias

Just imagine a seaside lunch in a cafe that sits of the hillside overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Seagulls are dancing through the air and the sea is a mirror reflecting their song. The Pagoda is such a place. Nestled along the harbor overlooking the Sea and the Hillside. It is here that Verta, the owner, has made it her duty to provide not only the best fish in Galilee, but the warmest welcome a tourist could receive! She welcomes you with fresh "Jesus" bread made from the wood oven, followed buy a sumptuous lunch made of St. Peter's fish, chips, salads and desert. What happens after the meal is truly spectacular! Singing, dancing, and joy that is unspeakable. We have captured these sights and sounds as part of our Faces of Israel. Enjoy!

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