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EL Vizion is more than just a travel agency, we are a tour company that brings scripture to life by engaging you in an interactive tour experience that allows you to realize G-D's prophetic vision for Israel and the Nations.  It is our mission to provide custom made tours that serve to meet your expectations from our initial meeting to your safe return home.  Our friendly agents are not just acquainted with Israel and beyond, they are experts connected with experts who desire to provide efficient, high quality service with honesty and integrity.  We specialize in tours to Israel and biblical Lands such as Turkey and Greece.  Contact us today and travel with us to Israel and beyond! 

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Veria (Beria), Greece

Veria (Beria) is a sea port city known for its famous amphitheater, forests and fruit- tree plantations. Agriculture thrives in this rainy culture. It is home to many historic remains from the time of Paul and in particular from the 16th -18th centuries. Veria (Berea) is mentioned in the book of Acts 17:1-13 as the place where the Jews were more noble than Thessaloniki in that they "searched the scripture" to see whether Paul's discourse was true or not.